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Race in Cuba: The Politics of Power and Hypocrisy

Race in Cuba: The Politics of Power and HypocrisyBy: Inéz Maria Martiatu TerryPosted: July 28, 2010 at 6:08 AM When it comes to race, Cuba is far from a utopia. As part of The Root's series exploring the island's color complex, one of Cuba's esteemed social scientists writes about the aftermath of an open letter […] Continue reading

Castro’s Third Reich

Castro's Third ReichPosted By Humberto Fontova On June 24, 2010 @ 12:00 am In FrontPage | "The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians is such that they would not hesitate to send the one-and-a-half million men, women and children of that country to the crematoria where millions of Jews of all […] Continue reading

The fight against racism in Cuba goes viral

The fight against racism in Cuba goes viralBy Marlie Hall9:28 AM on 05/14/2010Tags: Afro Cubans, Cuba, Discrimination, Raul Castro Rosa Parks refused to stand. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. Barack Obama won the presidential election. America' s plight for racial equality has had its struggles, its heroes and its progress. But on the […] Continue reading

Race still an issue in Cuba

'Race still an issue in Cuba' By Patricia Grogg The elimination of racism remains unfinished business in Cuba today. "We have to admit that the problem exists, determine its impact on the social model that we defend, and tackle it in depth," says Esteban Morales, an Afro-Cuban economist, political scientist and author of numerous articles […] Continue reading

Being Poor and White Is Not the Same as Being Poor and Black in Cuba

Q&A:"Being Poor and White Is Not the Same as Being Poor and Black" in CubaPatricia Grogg interviews University of Havana researcher ESTEBAN MORALESCredit:Patricia Grogg/IPS HAVANA, Jan 29, 2010 (IPS) – The elimination of racism remains unfinished business in Cuba today. "We have to admit that the problem exists, determine its impact on the social model […] Continue reading

Roar, tyrants, you cannot hide your racist deeds

Roar, tyrants, you cannot hide your racist deedsBY NAT HENTOFF • January 9, 2010 The Nov. 30 "Acting on Our Conscience: A Declaration of African-American Support for the Civil Rights Struggle in Cuba" by 60 prominent black Americans denouncing the deep discrimination against Afro-Cubans by the Cuban government was a surprise because none of the […] Continue reading

Prominent black Americans condemn Cuba on racism

Posted on Tuesday, 12.01.09Prominent black Americans condemn Cuba on racismBY JUAN O. TAMAYOjtamayo@ElNuevoHerald.com A group of prominent black Americans has for the first time publicly condemned Cuba's rights record, demanding Havana stop its "callous disregard'' for black Cubans and declaring that "racism in Cuba . . . must be confronted." "We know first-hand the experiences […] Continue reading

Raising Awareness about Racial Discrimination

CUBA: Raising Awareness about Racial DiscriminationBy Patricia Grogg HAVANA, Sep 7 (IPS) – Intellectuals and artists concerned about continued racial discrimination in Cuba are attempting to revive the Cofradía de la Negritud (CONEG), a "brotherhood" or association of black people aimed at raising awareness of the problem. The email message announcing the revival of CONEG […] Continue reading

AFL-CIO Official Conceals Pro-Castro Views

AFL-CIO Official Conceals Pro-Castro ViewsAIM Column | By Cliff Kincaid | June 2, 2009 In discussing the Veneceremos Brigade, Nussbaum told the interviewerthat it was "a way to demonstrate solidarity with Cubans and against theU.S. policy…" A top official of the AFL-CIO is stonewalling questions about herparticipation in an illegal 1970 trip to Communist Cuba […] Continue reading

Black youths hungry for change

CUBABlack youths hungry for changeSubjected to random stops by police and hindered by a lack ofopportunities, Cuba's restless young blacks fear that whatever changemay come will not be enough.Posted on Sat, Feb. 23, 2008By MIAMI HERALD STAFF REPORTcuba@MiamiHerald.com HAVANA –Two Cuban men walk down a busy street in Old Havana, joking as they windtheir way […] Continue reading

A barrier for Cuba’s blacks

Cuba A barrier for Cuba's blacksNew attitudes on once-taboo race questions emerge with a fledgling black movementMiami Herald Staff Report HAVANA — Six-foot-two, brown skinned and with semi-curly hair, Denny walked confidently into a government warehouse for a recent job interview. Sitting across from the white manager, he rattled off his qualifications: high school diploma, […] Continue reading

René Gómez Manzano Prize Winner 12th Ludovic Trarieux Prize for 2007

PRESS RELEASE May 12, 2007 René Gómez ManzanoCUBALauréat du/ Prize WinnerPrix International des droits de l'homme Ludovic-Trarieux 2007Ludovic-Trarieux International Human Rights Prize 2007Premio Internacional de Derechos Humanos Ludovic Trarieux 2007Internationalen Ludovic-Trarieux-Menschenrechtspreis 2007Prêmio Internacional de Direitos Humanos Ludovic Trarieux 2007Premio Internazionale per i Diritti Umani Ludovic Trarieux 2007Ludovic Trarieux Internationale Mensenrechtenprijs 2007 Premian en Francia a […] Continue reading

Castro’s long goodbye stirs mixed feelings in Cuba

Castro’s long goodbye stirs mixed feelings in CubaBy Marc LaceyThe New York Times In his day, Fidel Castro was Cuba’s talk show host as well as its president, with his frequent long speeches broadcast into homes on radio and television and serving as something akin to background music in Cubans’ lives. He did not need […] Continue reading