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The Bad Luck of Being Black in Cuba

The Bad Luck of Being Black in Cuba / Ivan Garcia Posted on September 12, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 11 September 2015 — It was already duck on an extremely hot day without a hint of a breeze, when a white Mercedes Benz van with the blue top of the national police pulled up alongside Red […] Continue reading

Racial Prejudice Begins in Childhood

Cuba: Racial Prejudice Begins in Childhood / Ivan Garcia Posted on April 28, 2015 Iván García, 29 April 2015 — The first time that Yumilka, a teacher, felt discriminated against because of the color of her skin she was only four years old. “It was in the daycare center. I remember coming home crying. A […] Continue reading

Daily Racism / Fernando Dámaso

Daily Racism / Fernando DámasoFernando Dámaso, Translator: Unstated Some time ago, in the euphoria of Triumphalism, it was constantly declared that in Cuba the scourge of racism had been resolved, and it had been eliminated. It is true that, institutionally, in the current laws and decrees this is so, but the reality is quite the […] Continue reading

Black economist says Cuba needs affirmative action

Posted on Thursday, 05.12.11

Black economist says Cuba needs affirmative action
He says economic reforms proposed by will hurt blacks more
than whites
By Juan O. Tamayo

Black Cubans, already with the worst jobs and lowest salaries,… Continue reading

Race in Cuba: The Eternal ‘Black Problem’

Race in Cuba: The Eternal 'Black Problem'By: Leonardo PaduraPosted: July 27, 2010 at 6:20 AM When it comes to race, Cuba is far from the utopia that black intellectuals like to think it is. As part of The Root's series exploring the island's color complex, Cuba's best-known novelist weighs in. After almost five decades of […] Continue reading

The Castro brothers’ big dirty secret

The Castro brothers' big dirty secretPosted: December 30, 2009 For years I have been reporting on how Fidel Castro has been crushing internal dissent. I did this while simultaneously trying to demythicize his comrade, Che Guevara, a charismatic man when he was not a merciless executioner at Havana prisons. I once met Guevara, and, during […] Continue reading

Prominent black Americans condemn Cuba on racism

Posted on Tuesday, 12.01.09Prominent black Americans condemn Cuba on racismBY JUAN O. TAMAYOjtamayo@ElNuevoHerald.com A group of prominent black Americans has for the first time publicly condemned Cuba's rights record, demanding Havana stop its "callous disregard'' for black Cubans and declaring that "racism in Cuba . . . must be confronted." "We know first-hand the experiences […] Continue reading