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Hunger strike

Black and Counter-revolutionary in Cuba?

Black and Counter-revolutionary in Cuba? August 23, 2016 By Yusimi Rodriguez HAVANA TIMES — I regularly read the articles written by my fellow writer, Elio Delgado Legon, who adds a touch of humor to this website for many of its readers. Personally, his greatest virtue, without him intending to do this, is to show the […] Continue reading


NO EMBARGO, NO CRY ORLANDO LUIS PARDO LAZO MARCH 18, 2015 This article is part of The Mantle’s series Against Censorship. The U.S. embargo against the Cuban government is like those recurrent childhood nightmares, for both Cubans living on the Island and abroad. Oh, the Embargo Embargo: limit of our life, fire of our leaders… […] Continue reading

El Crítico – Music as a subversive instrument in Cuba

El Crítico: Music as a subversive instrument in Cuba 02/06/2015 2:38 PM 02/06/2015 10:08 PM HAVANA During his years behind bars, Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga staged a 27-day hunger strike and refused to wear the prison uniform. Now, as the rapper known as “El Critico” returns to his music, he plans to do so with […] Continue reading

At Repression’s Ground Zero

At Repression’s Ground Zero / Lilianne Ruiz Posted on April 23, 2014 The first time I set foot in that scary place called Villa Marista, similar to Lubyanka Prison in the now fortunately disappeared Soviet Union, it was by my own will. I accompanied Manuel Cuesta Morúa to see Investigator Yurisan Almenares, in charge of […] Continue reading


LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA22-08-2010.Joaquin F. Otero (www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- August 17, 2010 The PresidentThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C. Dear Mr. President, I am writing to request your personal attention and assistance, and that of the U.S. Government, on behalf of a mother in Cuba who has been suffering and continues to suffer the abuse, harassment […] Continue reading

Race in Cuba: Yes, Virginia, There Is Racism on the Island

Race in Cuba: Yes, Virginia, There Is Racism on the IslandBy: Achy ObejasPosted: July 26, 2010 at 6:17 AM When it comes to race, Cuba is far from the utopia that black intellectuals like to think it is. Today, on the 57th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution, The Root launches its series […] Continue reading

The fight against racism in Cuba goes viral

The fight against racism in Cuba goes viralBy Marlie Hall9:28 AM on 05/14/2010Tags: Afro Cubans, Cuba, Discrimination, Raul Castro Rosa Parks refused to stand. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. Barack Obama won the presidential election. America' s plight for racial equality has had its struggles, its heroes and its progress. But on the […] Continue reading

Blacks bear the brunt of Cuba’s brutality

Posted on Sunday, 02.28.10POLITICAL PRISONERSBlacks bear the brunt of Cuba's brutalityBY CARLOS MOOREcarlosmoore2000@gmail.com Orlando Zapata Tamayo — a young, poor, black Cuban worker imprisonedsince 2003 — died after an almost three-months-long hunger strike toprotest racial oppression, the denial of civil and human rights and thebrutality he had endured in prison. He became the first black […] Continue reading

Stop coddling Cuban dictatorship

Posted on Thursday, 02.25.10Stop coddling Cuban dictatorshipOUR OPINION: The U.N., OAS and EU should challenge Cuba HAVANA — Orlando Zapata Tamayo died on Feb. 23 as a result of a hungerstrike he maintained for more than 80 days to demand adequate treatmentfor his status as a prisoner of conscience. He staged many other strikessince March […] Continue reading

The Castro brothers’ big dirty secret

The Castro brothers' big dirty secretPosted: December 30, 2009 For years I have been reporting on how Fidel Castro has been crushing internal dissent. I did this while simultaneously trying to demythicize his comrade, Che Guevara, a charismatic man when he was not a merciless executioner at Havana prisons. I once met Guevara, and, during […] Continue reading

Why the delayed outcry?

Posted on Sunday, 12.20.09BLACKS IN CUBAWhy the delayed outcry?BY NINOSKA PEREZ-CASTELLONninoskapc@aol.com “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.'' Edmund Burke Agroup of 60 African-American leaders, influenced by Brazil's Abdias Nascimiento, a self-proclaimed admirer of Fidel Castro, condemned racism in Cuba. Congratulations. One exception, Makani Themba-Nixon wants her […] Continue reading