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Castro’s Third Reich

Castro's Third ReichPosted By Humberto Fontova On June 24, 2010 @ 12:00 am In FrontPage | "The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians is such that they would not hesitate to send the one-and-a-half million men, women and children of that country to the crematoria where millions of Jews of all […] Continue reading

Blacks bear the brunt of Cuba’s brutality

Posted on Sunday, 02.28.10POLITICAL PRISONERSBlacks bear the brunt of Cuba's brutalityBY CARLOS MOOREcarlosmoore2000@gmail.com Orlando Zapata Tamayo — a young, poor, black Cuban worker imprisonedsince 2003 — died after an almost three-months-long hunger strike toprotest racial oppression, the denial of civil and human rights and thebrutality he had endured in prison. He became the first black […] Continue reading

The illusion of Cuba’s caudillo

COMMENT & ANALYSIS:The illusion of Cuba's caudilloBy Christopher Caldwell, Financial TimesPublished: Feb 23, 2008 When Ernest Hemingway survived a plane crash in Uganda in 1954, he wasable to read his own obituaries. A similar diversion may await FidelCastro, the ailing Cuban leader, who has not been seen in public sincemid-2006. This week the state organ, […] Continue reading

Cuba’s rebel rap roars for ‘revolution within the revolution’

Cuba's rebel rap roars for 'revolution within the revolution' by Laura Bonilla Sun Jan 14, 6:29 PM ET BARRERAS, Cuba (AFP) – Backed by a modest home recording studio, Humberto Cabrera has joined Cuba's rappers who rhyme and roar for change in a country whose communist regime usually quiets dissent.ADVERTISEMENT Hip-hop artists have some of […] Continue reading