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El libro de La Habana de Febles

El libro de La Habana de Febles La literatura es un camino más empinado, duro y largo que el periodismo Martes, julio 12, 2016 | Frank Correa LA HABANA, Cuba.- El periodismo, hijo de la literatura, da posibilidad a los escritores marginados por los sistemas políticos, de ejercitar sus herramientas mediante crónicas y artículos, donde […] Continue reading

N.J. cop killer Chesimard living as a ‘ghost’ in Havana

Kelly: N.J. cop killer Chesimard living as a ‘ghost’ in Havana LAST UPDATED: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2015, 7:22 AM BY MIKE KELLY HAVANA — More than three decades after she broke out of a New Jersey prison and fled to Cuba with a promise of political asylum from Fidel Castro, Joanne Chesimard finds herself ensnared […] Continue reading

De venenos, silencios y amputaciones

De venenos, silencios y amputaciones Nuevo capítulo de la polémica Miguel Cabrera Peña, Santiago de Chile | 02/10/2015 9:18 am En la primera respuesta a la crítica de Jorge Camacho demostré que es falsa su acusación en cuanto a que yo no lo cité en mi libro. Pero que lo haya citado diez veces no […] Continue reading

El vulgar imperio del “yo”

El vulgar imperio del “yo” Réplica a la crítica titulada “El peligro más grave“, sobre el libro ¿Fue José Martí racista? Perspectiva sobre los negros en Cuba y Estados Unidos. (Una crítica a la Academia norteamericana), publicada en CUBAENCUENTRO Miguel Cabrera Peña, Santiago de Chile | 11/09/2015 9:53 am I El académico Jorge Luis Camacho […] Continue reading

Gangs in Havana, Crime Gains Ground

Gangs in Havana, Crime Gains Ground / Cubanet, Ernesto Perez Chang Posted on August 23, 2015 The landscape could become very similar to those found in Central American countries where the issue is out of control Cubanet.org, Ernesto Perez Chang, Havana 20 August 2015 – Hector arrived in Havana at the end of 2005. He […] Continue reading

At Repression’s Ground Zero

At Repression’s Ground Zero / Lilianne Ruiz Posted on April 23, 2014 The first time I set foot in that scary place called Villa Marista, similar to Lubyanka Prison in the now fortunately disappeared Soviet Union, it was by my own will. I accompanied Manuel Cuesta Morúa to see Investigator Yurisan Almenares, in charge of […] Continue reading

CIDH – Disidentes denuncian la ‘peligrosidad predelictiva’, que afecta sobre todo a los afrodescendientes

DERECHOS HUMANOS CIDH: Disidentes denuncian la ‘peligrosidad predelictiva’, que afecta sobre todo a los afrodescendientes DDC | Washington | 2 Nov 2013 – 1:42 am. Leonardo Calvo y Juan Alvarado participaron en el panel ‘Discriminación contra la población afro en América Latina y el Caribe’. Activistas cubanos contra el racismo denunciaron este viernes ante la […] Continue reading

Cubanas negras y mestizas en busca de un imaginario propio

Cubanas negras y mestizas en busca de un imaginario propio [09-10-2012] Lucas Garve Fundación por la Libertad de Expresión (www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- La población femenina negra en Cuba carece de un imaginario negro femenino valedero. Las únicas opciones con que cuentan las mujeres negras y mestizas para un imprescindible empoderamiento son las atletas que obtienen alguna que […] Continue reading

Independent Activism in Cuba

Independent Activism in Cuba August 5, 2012 June Fernandez* HAVANA TIMES — "Come wearing something red and kiss someone, because all forms of love are important." Last June 28, forty-six people who had received this message via instant messaging or e-mail met in the Havana bus terminal, near the Plaza of the Revolution, to kiss […] Continue reading

Censorship Catholicommunist in Cuba / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Censorship Catholicommunist in Cuba / Orlando Luis Pardo LazoOrlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Translator: Unstated Why Not Awakening? – An article about the censorship of the documentary about Escuadrón Patriota(Patriot Squadron) – Every February, the Chaplin Cinema opens its doors to the Young Filmmakers Exhibition organized by the Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematographic Industry (ICAIC). […] Continue reading

Why the delayed outcry?

Posted on Sunday, 12.20.09BLACKS IN CUBAWhy the delayed outcry?BY NINOSKA PEREZ-CASTELLONninoskapc@aol.com “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.'' Edmund Burke Agroup of 60 African-American leaders, influenced by Brazil's Abdias Nascimiento, a self-proclaimed admirer of Fidel Castro, condemned racism in Cuba. Congratulations. One exception, Makani Themba-Nixon wants her […] Continue reading

Cuba’s black secrets

Cuba's black secretsAndy JohnsonThursday, May 21st 2009 NINETY-SEVEN years ago there was an uprising in Cuba which in the end left more than 6,000 people dead. Many thousands more fled to the hills, precipitating a labour shortage. This led to the importation of millions of immigrants, many of them coming from the West Indian islands. […] Continue reading

Bounty hunt for US cop killer on Cuba

From The Sunday TimesMay 27, 2007Bounty hunt for US cop killer on CubaTony Allen-Mills in Newark, New Jersey SHE is a convicted cop-killer, an escaped fugitive and for part of her extraordinary life she was the glamorous godmother to a rap music legend. Yet an American police net is closing on Assata Shakur, previously known […] Continue reading

In Cuba, evolution is slow

Posted on Sun, May. 13, 2007 In Cuba, evolution is slowBY RUI FERREIRA, FRANCES ROBLES AND LUISA YANEZ Decades of angst and longing turned to jubilation on Miami's streets last summer as the startling news spread that Cuban leader Fidel Castro had undergone emergency surgery for a secret ailment and handed over power to his […] Continue reading

The Cuban mystique

The Cuban mystique February 26, 2006 BY MARY HOULIHAN Staff Reporter In many ways, Cuba is a country that has stood still in time. It is a scenario worthy of the attention of any writer of magic realism, for the dichotomy of life on this island state is striking. Ringed by street after street of […] Continue reading