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Taxi Driver Arrested In Havana After Being Accused Of Racism

Taxi Driver Arrested In Havana After Being Accused Of Racism 14ymedio, Havana, 10 July 2017 – The driver of a private taxi was arrested after being accused of racial discrimination by Yanay Aguirre Calderín, according to a report Monday in the weekly paper Trabajadores (Workers). The event has generated numerous articles in the official press […] Continue reading

57 Years Later – Towards a New Contract for Cuba (Pt. 2)

57 Years Later: Towards a New Contract for Cuba (Pt. 2) / 14ymedio, Manuel Cuesta Morua 14ymedio, Manuel Cuesta Morua, Havana, 8 May 2016 — The only certainty in Cuba in political terms is that the government accumulates a lot of power but lacks leadership. The kind of leadership required when a country faces an […] Continue reading

Black Woman – Double or Triple Discrimination?

Black Woman: Double or Triple Discrimination? / Diario de Cuba, Laritza Diversent Posted on October 7, 2015 Diario de Cuba, Laritza Diversent, Havana, 31 July 2015 —In Cuba there is a myth that says that there is no racism here because “all the races and cultures melded together forever in a happy synthesis.” Nonetheless, in […] Continue reading

Se nos fue un Ekobio

Se nos fue un Ekobio [15-06-2015 22:24:15] Enrique Díaz Rodríguez (www.miscelaneasdecuba.net).- Osdel Lemos Mariño era un cubano joven y alegre. En su barrio le apodaban el Chispa. Murió en un hospital a consecuencia de unos disparos recibidos. Fue un joven negro perteneciente a la sociedad secreta Abakuá, donde solo se admiten hombres que cumplan con […] Continue reading

El Crítico – Music as a subversive instrument in Cuba

El Crítico: Music as a subversive instrument in Cuba 02/06/2015 2:38 PM 02/06/2015 10:08 PM HAVANA During his years behind bars, Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga staged a 27-day hunger strike and refused to wear the prison uniform. Now, as the rapper known as “El Critico” returns to his music, he plans to do so with […] Continue reading

Why Cuba will never send Assata Shakur to the U.S.

Why Cuba will never send Assata Shakur to the U.S. By Achy Obejas In May 2013, on the 40th anniversary of her arrest, Assata Shakur was suddenly and inexplicably named to the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list, with an award of up to $2 million for her capture. She was the first woman ever put […] Continue reading

At Repression’s Ground Zero

At Repression’s Ground Zero / Lilianne Ruiz Posted on April 23, 2014 The first time I set foot in that scary place called Villa Marista, similar to Lubyanka Prison in the now fortunately disappeared Soviet Union, it was by my own will. I accompanied Manuel Cuesta Morúa to see Investigator Yurisan Almenares, in charge of […] Continue reading

Chesimard’s designation on terror list has no legal impact

Posted on Saturday, 05.04.13 Analysts: Chesimard’s designation on terror list has no legal impact By Juan O. Tamayo jtamayo@ElNuevoHerald.com The FBI’s decision to put U.S. fugitive Joanne Chesimard, who lives in Havana, on its list of “Most Wanted Terrorists” shines a light on her case but has no legal impact on her or Cuba, according […] Continue reading

Hezbollah Opens Base in Cuba

Hezbollah Opens Base in CubaPosted by Humberto Fontova on Sep 6th, 2011 A year ago many prominent Israelis seemed smitten with Fidel Castro​. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart," wrote Israeli President Shimon Peres to Fidel Castro on Sept. 24, 2010: "I must confess that your remarks were, in my opinion, unexpected […] Continue reading


RACE AND COLOR IN CONTEMPORARY CUBAGayle McGarrity When I first returned to the United States in 1982, after living for a year and a half in Cuba, I was eager to share with my colleagues the extent to which racism and class divisions were still a glaring reality in ´Revolutionary Cuba´. However, no one wanted […] Continue reading

Blacks bear the brunt of Cuba’s brutality

Posted on Sunday, 02.28.10POLITICAL PRISONERSBlacks bear the brunt of Cuba's brutalityBY CARLOS MOOREcarlosmoore2000@gmail.com Orlando Zapata Tamayo — a young, poor, black Cuban worker imprisonedsince 2003 — died after an almost three-months-long hunger strike toprotest racial oppression, the denial of civil and human rights and thebrutality he had endured in prison. He became the first black […] Continue reading

Cuban vice-president dies

Cuban vice-president diesArticle By:Sun, 13 Sep 2009 08:46 Cuban Vice President Juan Almeida Bosque, a revolutionary commander who fought alongside Fidel Castro to bring down a pro-American dictatorship, has died. He was 82. An official communique issued through state media said Almeida, the number three official in the Americas' only communist regime, died late Friday […] Continue reading

US fugitives unsure Cuba thaw is good news

Posted on Saturday, 01.17.09US fugitives unsure Cuba thaw is good newsBy WILL WEISSERTAssociated Press Writer HAVANA — William Potts calls himself the "Homesick Hijacker." U.S. authorities have another name for him: fugitive harbored by an enemy government – one of dozens of Americans hiding in communist Cuba. Almost 25 years ago, he smuggled a pistol […] Continue reading

René Gómez Manzano Prize Winner 12th Ludovic Trarieux Prize for 2007

PRESS RELEASE May 12, 2007 René Gómez ManzanoCUBALauréat du/ Prize WinnerPrix International des droits de l'homme Ludovic-Trarieux 2007Ludovic-Trarieux International Human Rights Prize 2007Premio Internacional de Derechos Humanos Ludovic Trarieux 2007Internationalen Ludovic-Trarieux-Menschenrechtspreis 2007Prêmio Internacional de Direitos Humanos Ludovic Trarieux 2007Premio Internazionale per i Diritti Umani Ludovic Trarieux 2007Ludovic Trarieux Internationale Mensenrechtenprijs 2007 Premian en Francia a […] Continue reading