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Another Dark Chapter

Another Dark Chapter

April 8, 2013

Francisco Castro

HAVANA TIMES — After 54 years of Cuba's revolutionary government being

in power — during which time the most radical changes in all of the

nation's history took place, both positive and negative — we've begun to

take a critical and constructive look at the mistakes made by the

government that Fidel Castro turned over to his brother Raul.

However, in the middle of this new "revolution within the revolution,"

often mentioned and combated remnants of the past endure. This time

these involve the past of that very same 1959 revolution, one under

which any opinion against it was suppressed in the name of maintaining

an unblemished reputation in the eyes of world public opinion.

This turned into a harmful and habitual vice because of the long period

over which it was practiced, though it's now being severely criticized

by President Raul Castro, who encourages Cubans to tell the truth

"without fear of reprisal," to help straighten out what for so long has

grown crooked.

Here I'll refer to the episode of the dismissal of Cuban essayist

Roberto Zurbano from his position as director of the Fondo Editorial de

Casa de las Americas, one of the most prestigious publishers in the country.

The decision made by the government was taken because of his criticism

in the New York Times of racism in Cuba, according to the Diario de Cuba


None of the excerpts published by Diario de Cuba of the views of the

essayist seemed distant from reality; rather, they came across as brave,

even consistent with the appeal for constructive honesty made by Raul


The lingering of discrimination in Cuba is no secret, despite the

campaigns and programs carried out for its elimination. Veiled or open,

the exclusion of minorities is a daily practice, many of which are

carried out by "a power that's exercised by individuals who are

incapable of restraint," to paraphrase Ingmar Bergman.

Specifically, the issue of racism, anchored to blacks in Cuba, is a

special matter. At this stage of the game, opportunists and extremists

are mixed with those who are genuinely interested in the struggle for

its elimination, though many of these would find their interests

endangered if that ever happened.

Lies, accusations, posturing, low blows and gossip occur whenever people

are compelled to speak out in front of those who choose the winners of

awards and those allowed to go on trips. The fight against racism in

Cuba isn't exempt from all this.

Given this state of affairs — it's not outrageous to mention that the

government has been "unable to overcome" racism — it's time to lay it on

the line.

I wish to express my support for Roberto Zurbano and with all those who

are persecuted for their courage to speak the truth about what they

honestly believe in and who fight for a more just society.


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